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allentown, NJ

The Moth



our story

We are Zoe, Corky, Kris, and Alia Danch. We started The Moth on the second weekend of October in 2015. Every year there is a fall festival in town on that weekend. The event draws thousands of people. It was our first day, and we had a line out the door continuously all weekend long. We wondered, “what did we just get ourselves into?”. Then on the following Tuesday, we opened our doors for the first time without the festival craziness. We maybe had 10 patrons all day. Again we wondered, “what did we just get ourselves into?”. Luckily, every day after that Tuesday, we have been consistently getting busier and busier.

The road to get to this point of success was rocky. The Moth is nestled on the first floor of an old grist mill in the heart of our small town. Corky, bought that mill in 1975. He renovated the dilapidated building to house a restaurant, shops, and provide a space for working crafts people. The building was thriving. In 2008, that all changed. The building was put under emanate domain due to the construction of the adjacent dam and bridge. The building remained vacant for years. Ever since, we have been trying to revive the magic that once was the mill. Nothing seemed to work, with financial woes and failing hopes, we were feeling pretty low. Then we opened The Moth...and things were finally looking up. Which brings me back to our name, The Moth. We chose The Moth after the luna moth which represents new beginnings. Which is exactly what we got, a new beginning for our beloved mill and for us a family. 


We can't wait to see you.


42 South Main Street. Allentown, NJ. 08501.