Weekend at the Beach

The opportunity presented itself to spending a weekend at the beach. We made it a girls trip with myself, my sister and my mom included. The house we stayed in was in Wildwood Crest, but we ventured out into Cape May which is where we fell in love. Walking around Cape May, it almost felt like we were in a movie. It was so picturesque and so beautiful. It made everything we own and live around look sub-par in comparison. The houses were perfectly landscaped and the shops were perfectly decorated. There was one thing missing though, The Moth. All the restaurants served majority all seafood and meat. The options were pretty slim for vegetarians, and there were no options for vegans.

Every now and then we have patrons come into The Moth, not knowing that we are all vegan/vegetarian, and a look of disgust is soon to follow. Sometimes the reaction can be something along the lines of… “You mean to say, you don’t serve chicken?!?” or “Oh, You’re all vegan?” (using a soft “g”). Then they leave to go have “a real meal” somewhere else.  Of course, being behind the counter dealing with that can be difficult. However, I would have the same reaction going into a steakhouse. Or going to a fancy restaurant where they serve escargot and ossobucco with only one vegetarian option. That option being salad.  And that was the reaction we had in Cape May when all the restaurants served all seafood.

Closing in on that thought, I always try to keep that everyone has their own dietary preferences in mind. Not everyone wants to eat vegan food, and not everyone wants to eat meat. Pleasing absolutely everyone is impossible for all food establishments, and we have Yelp to thank for pointing that exact detail out. The best one can do is determine your demographic and cater to them with all you have and all you can. We like to think that our demographic is the conscious vegan or vegetarian that cares about the well being of animals, the well being of the planet, and the well being of themselves. However, some of our best costumers that come in on the daily are die-hard carnivores that are voting for Trump and don’t believe that global warming is a real thing. Yet, they still come in all the time, genuinely enjoying our food and love our vegan sausage sandwich made out of chickpeas and wheat gluten. So maybe that’s our real demographic, anyone with an open-mind and that is not afraid to try new things. (regardless of political affiliation or being a vegan) And for the people that leave thinking that all vegan food is just “grass and alfalfa sprouts” are simply closed minded and are only limiting themselves from experiences that could and will change their entire outlook on eating and food. 

All said and done, I keep an open mind always. When someone is different from me or doesn't believe the same things as I do, it doesn't make that person wrong and it doesn't make that person stupid. If everyone was the same, then this life would be incredibly boring. And who wants a boring life? Or a boring meal, which is why trying our new chickpea melt is imperative. ;)

I hope everyone has a lovely day and tries something new. You might be pleasantly surprised. 

With Love, 

The Moth Coffeehouse 

Zoe Danch