New Beginnings

A common question that floats around the coffeehouse is “Why the name ‘The Moth’?”. When my family and I were in the planning stages of the coffeehouse, trying to agree on a name proved to be most difficult. We had an idea of what we wanted; a place where someone can come to do work in solitude, to meet up with friends and make new friends. We needed the name to represent this factor of fellowship. For a while, we were set on “Oak”. It just seemed right for a bunch of tree hugging vegetarians to name their tree hugging vegan/vegetarian coffee shop after a tree. But something never seemed right about it, there was no sparkle. It was one syllable full of boring. We love trees and all but it was completely irrelevant to the essence of a friendly atmosphere we were trying to capture.

It was the matriarch that came up with name, “The Moth”. And we aren’t talking about any old moth that is the ugly cousin to the butterfly. We named our coffeehouse after the Luna Moth, which can take down a butterfly any day. I know what you’re probably thinking, “How does a moth represent friendship?” You see, Luna Moths are drawn to the moon as a right of passage and light, they have the meaning of “rebirth” and “new beginnings”. Opening the coffeehouse was a struggle, it took years and was an uphill battle to say the least. What my parents always say, “let bygones be bygones”, leave the past in the past and start new, just like a moth. Sometimes what keeps a person from moving forward in a relationship or friendship is holding onto past faults. We wanted a fresh start from this business. We wanted to make friends from this business. We wanted to laugh together from this business. We wanted to grow together from this business. From this business, it all came true.


There’s our cliff notes version of the story behind The Moth, let us share more of it with you by visiting us at The Moth. I will be posting a blog post once a week, sharing different stories and anecdotes from The Moth and friends that come. Hope to see all of you and hope you like it.

With Love,

            The Moth Coffeehouse 

Zoe Danch